My name is Jim Patterson, and I have been writing and speaking on Spiritual and Holistic Wellness topics for over twenty years. I also write, speak and teach sales, marketing and entrepreneurship as this has been a major focus in my career.

My focus is both Micro and Macro in application and scope in any and all areas. As such, the topics covered are as varied asHeadache and Chronic Pain Relief, andUniversal Reconciliation As A Means Of Human Evolution in the spiritual genre.

And the range of topics in business dial down to closing techniques, but also trend as broad as national and even global marketing campaign strategies.

While I can and do speak for groups, appearances are frequently more audience participatory than not. Workshops from 2 hours to a full day can also be accommodated. If your event is narrowly specific, I will be happy to tailor a topic appropriate to your focus.

Human evolution through spiritual means is expanding rapidly even while many are unaware that they are participating. Lightworking topics frequently need to take this into account. People can and should be awakened even while they are already involved in this process.

The evolution of the business world is just as rapid and to me reflects how we continue to grow as a society.

Connecting to our own true nature is a vital link to connecting with the rest of enlightened creation. I would consider it a privilege to share my own journey and experiences with your group, event or seminar.

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Jim Patterson

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