Coming to the conclusion that all conflict is illusion did not come easy.  Like most people there have been issues that I have held strong opinions about.  Having an open mind has always been important to me as well though.

This has brought about a great deal of frustration while attempting to carry on civil and respectful conversations with people that had what seemed to be positions in conflict with my own.  This was particularly true of political discussions.

Then something interesting happened.

While working on The Headache Cure and some related writing projects, I was struck by a key understanding for using meditation and enlightenment techniques for addressing physical problems.  Whether you are dealing with headaches, chronic pain of other sorts, or even asthma symptoms the seeming conflict being experienced are at the root an illusion.

ConflictSimplified, this can be seen clearly by considering the message sent to your brain resulting from a simple injury.  This message contains a great deal of information about the nature and severity of the injury so that your body can respond appropriately.  Plus, it has a component designed to be sure that notice is taken: Pain!

Once the message has been received in it’s entirety, the pain begins to subside, even if the injury has yet to be healed.  This is very interesting and gives us a unique view into how chronic pain comes about.  If you try to deny that there IS an injury, the message will be deemed as unreceived and will be resent with increased intensity and/or frequency.  Chronic pain is born!

The conflict you perceive is that your body is attacking you.  In point of fact, your body is trying to heal you.  Is their really a conflict?  Of course not!  You want the injury to be healed just as much as your body wants to be healed and is telling you so with the pain…

While writing about this concept I stopped occasionally to meditate on the matter for clarity, and was struck by a concept that has proven itself to me time and again.

What is true in the Micro, is also true in the Macro.

The most important principles are universal.  So since this is true and intrinsic to progress on an individual level then it must apply on progressively larger levels on up to societal and even universal levels.  Meditation has proven this to me enough that I am comfortable making the statement in the title of this post:  All Conflict Is Illusion

As I went from scenario to scenario in my meditation, it proved out again.  Interpersonally, politically and every other example conceivable all came to the same conclusion. In each and every case what seemed to be conflict was in fact nothing of the sort.  All parties actually wanted the same thing at the most basic level.

This means that any and all methods that are conflict based in their method of resolution are doomed to failure from the start.

It means that more than anything else, we are holding ourselves back from meaningful progress on all levels.

And most of all, it means that there is nothing that we cannot address, once we let go of the idea that we are held back by any form of conflict at all with anyone or anything… 






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