Last week I published my second book on Amazon Kindle: Instant Asthma Relief – Get Relief From Asthma Symptoms Without Drugs or Side Effects and to date it has already been downloaded several hundred times.

More importantly I’ve been getting a ton of positive feedback from people that have not only read the book, but are applying what they have learned.  And they are getting results!

A reader from the UK wrote:

When I’ve tried to do without my medication before I have experienced a tightening in the chest and difficulty in breathing.

Then I happened upon your book.  I am a bit of a health fanatic now and recently I have taken anti-ageing very seriously.  I take regular exercise, eat wisely, especially plenty of fruit and vegetables, and I’ve also started to meditate and relax.  I think this has helped my asthma to some extent and I feel very fit compared with what I have been.  I had always known about breathing from the diaphragm, probably from the buteko method, but I had never practiced it consistently or consciously.  However I have followed the instructions in your book and although it has only been a couple of days, I have gone without my medication and have felt very well.  It’s early days yet, but I’m impressed so far.

Many thanks.

Best Wishes,

GV  in the UK

Feedback like this means so much to me as my primary motivation in writing this book was to bring just such relief to as many people as possible.

For those of you that have already read the book, let me know if you need any more input or assistance in your search for asthma relief.

Thanks again to all that have responded!

Jim Patterson

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