Understanding the Law of Attraction is fairly simple, but for many not too easy.  Writers and speakers are fond of saying that you must vibrate at the same frequency of what you desire.  What does that mean though?

Understanding this is easiest if you will just give someone a hug…

Seems a bit too simple I know, but it’s true.

If you want a hug, what do you do? You give someone a hug!

The universe operates the exact same way. Whatever it is that you want to create for yourself is what you must send out to the universe.


Can you get a hug without giving one? Of course not! Similarly, you can’t get kindness from anyone else if you aren’t kind to start with. This is what it means to vibrate, or resonate at the same frequency as the universe. Trying to live life any other way is like trying to defy gravity. You not only will not succeed, you cannot.

ALbert Einstein famously said “You cannot simultaneously prepare for war and peace.” If you are spending your time at all on pursuits antithetical to your stated goal, how can you possibly attain that goal? Building weapons and concentrating on what it would take to win a war are not peaceful activities. The vibration you resonate with will not send out peace. How can it return it?

If you want a hug, will you get one if you are pushing people away that want one from you? It’s simply not possible.

This is the very essence of the Law of Attraction. Send out what it is you want, and it will come back to you.

It’s unfortunate in many ways that so many people had their first experience with the LOA via The Secret (the movie OR the book). So much emphasis was placed on how it all interacted with wealth accumulation and the attainment of obtaining ownership of things that it set people up for failure right out of the gate.

With so much emphasis on getting, there was a lack of balance in applying the law. Wealth is all about abundance, so as we can easily see here it has to be about SENDING out abundance if abundance is go be received. If your mindset is all about receiving, it comes with a lack centered thought process and cannot possible succeed.

It all goes right back to our hugging metaphor: Try getting a hug without giving one. You simply can’t do it.

It may seem more obvious to you with a hug than in other applications, but the principle is universal. We can prove this to ourselves by thinking through other universal principles as well.

We know from other studies that all things are connected and a part of a whole. Since we are all interconnected and therefore one, how can we differentiate between giving and receiving?

Therefore in all of life, giving IS getting. Just like with hugging…

So be sure that with your interactions every day, with all of your thoughts and feelings, and with each and every meditation that you do that you are consistently giving the Universe a great big Hug!  Your results cannot help but to give you an even bigger Hug in return…





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