Movie Director Tom Shadyac (Ace Ventura, Bruce Almighty) had a life changing accident which caused him to reevaluate what was important to him and to the world.  The movie “I Am” is the result of that event.

The questions asked in this documentary and more importantly the answers discovered are vital to understanding not just who we really are, but where we are headed as well.

Really, all I can say is that you should watch this movie!

Here is the official site of the movie:  I Am – The Documentary by Tom Shadyac








Our Shared Karmic Lessons of 2020

Our Shared Karmic Lessons of 2020

Talk about karma usually centers around ideas about people getting what they deserve.  Some will say that karma will "get" someone, but these aren't really an accurate picture as to what true nature of karma is.   Karma is not about punishment, justice, or...

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