Manifestation Requires AwarenessI have sometimes held off writing directly about the Law of Attraction because of the prevalence of information on the subject that makes the LOA sound like a Cosmic ATM! Nothing could be more destructive to your manifesting efforts.

Visit any forum on this subject and you are bound to find threads by people looking for help manifesting  new cars, luxury homes and stacks of cash.  This by people who have no interest in the more basic forms of manifesting that deal with day to day issues of peace and harmony within their lives.

This is not possible!

You must address these issues as a basis for progressing in manifestation.  Attempting to jump ahead, so to speak would put you in a position where you were in conflict with the LOA, not working with it.

The Law of Attraction is a natural law, like gravity.  And you ignore it’s basic tenets with the same degree of danger you would have if you ignored gravity.  This means that if you want to harness this power, it is necessary to experience it as it occurs in everyday life as an observer before you even attempt to steer it with your own thoughts and energy.  Even with the Law of Attraction you need to be able to crawl before you try to run a marathon…

We have each already observed the Law of Attraction at work whether we realized it or not.  How often have we seen someone put out negative energy in the form of anger only to get anger back?  How often have we seen that some people never seem to have a problem with anyone due to their own calm demeanor?  In each of these cases, the party  with the greatest strength behind the type of energy they are emanating will prevail.  With one seeming exception, which we will get to later.

So each and every one of us are manifesting through the energy we emanate through our thoughts, words and actions.  You are already interacting with the Law of Attraction by thinking, speaking and going about your business every day just as you are interacting with gravity by failing to fall off the planet!

What we want to do though, is to learn to interact with the Law of Attraction in a beneficial way.  And when we say beneficial, we mean beneficial to all.  As if we seek to manifest in a way that is harmful to others in order to benefit ourselves, our efforts with fail.

They will fail because by definition they are in conflict with the Law of Attraction.  To attempt to manifest something that is good for the manifestor at another’s expense is a selfish act and will attract selfishness from others, hindering the desired results across all aspects of the manifestors life.  See how this works?

So the first thing we need to develop in order to begin even the most basic forms of Law of Attraction manifestation is to develop Awareness.  What is meant here by Awareness is first of all to be Aware of one’s own identity as opposed to the over-identification with one’s own positions, and identification with the content of life that is so common today.

Awareness also includes being cognizant of everyone else as something other than competitors.  The best way to accomplish both of these is to meditate on the following affirmation:

Everyone is doing the best they can with the resources available to them.

This helps to build our empathy with the condition of others and eliminate our feelings that we need to overcome them as such.  Awareness is key to success in your efforts to use Law of Attraction manifestation techniques.

This is one of the reasons that I have given more attention to writing about The Power of Now issues as they help to overcome the out of balance ego that the majority of the world struggles with.

Developing this kind of Awareness will result in an existance marked with peace, harmony and a comforting realization of where one fits in the Universe.  It also will give you a much better feeling about all of the other individuals we come in contact with on a daily basis.  Yes, even the ones we don’t really like all that much, lol…

Awareness is also the energy that tips the scales in favor of the Aware.  Remember the one exception to the rule that the one manifesting with the most energy will prevail?  Awareness trumps all.

You can come up against the angriest of individuals with their yelling and cursing, and overcome them with far less energy as long as you are acting out of Awareness.  This is because the energy that Awareness brings is of such a higher order, that it trumps just about everything it comes up against.

I will be writing further about the Law of Attraction and Manifestation techniques.  It will be with an understanding that to even begin working to use LOA techniques as a steering mechanism, you have to start by developing Awareness as a baseline within your life.

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