As more and more of us make enlightenment and serenity a priority in our life, this election year seems to threaten these at every turn.  It doesn’t need to!

Day in and day out as we study and meditate we find new and fulfilling experiences of peace, fulfillment and enlightenment.  And then we are exposed to the constant onslaught of campaign messages filled with vitriol and pseudo-slander.  If we aren’t careful, these can sap our joy and serenity.

Some can avoid this by completely separating themselves out from the fray.  If you still have political concerns where you are in your journey, you still don’t necessarily need to sacrifice your peace of mind to it.

It may surprise some of my readers to hear that I do in fact have some political opinions relevant to the day’s political dialogue.  More than that, I have a candidate that I prefer in this election cycle as well, although his chances of winning are pretty slim.

On the other hand, I don’t count on the success of that choice for what hope I have for the future happiness of humanity or even those living in this country!

For that I look to a rising tide of enlightenment that will render existing institutions obsolete.  As more and more of us seek and attain various levels of consciousness, those that do not wish to strive as we do will find themselves frantically seeking to recruit others to their “causes” with more and more desperation.  And that desperation will be appropriate.

For us to all get to where we would like to be as a people,  we need to seek more and more ways to come together and connect.  This is what the whole journey is about for me.

On the other hand, I see very little of that at all in any political circles.  Your candidate, party or platform may succeed or fail in the coming elections to a number of differing degrees.  Just don’t fool yourself that they are the long term answer even if they succeed beyond your wildest dreams…





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