Is Manifesting Selfish?It’s quite common to hear people speak about manifesting using Law of Attraction principles these days.


Usually this is in conjunction with trying to manifest various things into their lives such as cars, homes, a bigger income or any number of other material ‘things”.


This seems to many to be in conflict with the Law of Attraction’s reputation as spiritual in nature. At heart, it seems selfish.


Frequent readers know to look for the illusion in the conflict so let’s start there…


Wherever you are in your own personal spiritual journey, at some point you’ve either come to realize (or eventually will) that each of us is inextricably linked to not just each other, but to the universe as a whole.

This being the case, logical reasoning tells us that the very nature of giving and receiving is also related.  The inescapable fact here is that giving and getting are not just related, but the same. On a universal level, giving and getting are the same thing.

You cannot give something without getting, and you always get when you give.

Since most people’s understanding of manifestation is tied to receiving (or getting) this requires a mental reset to our basic understanding of what we are attempting in manifesting.


What Is Manifestation?


Manifestation is what we call the practice of using universal principles to bring about what we desire in our lives.

Using this definition allows us to explore the real nature of what we do when we manifest using Law of Attraction principles. When someone attempts to manifest anything, they are obviously doing so because they feel a lack or scarcity in their lives.

Any study of LOA principles will quickly teach you that we live in a universe of abundance, which would bring about another seeming conflict.

How can there be a lack or scarcity in the midst of abundance?

Again, look for the illusion. If we are experiencing a lack, then it must be because we aren’t tuned in to the abundance of the universe. Manifestation requires that we tap into that as reality. The reality that in a universe of abundance, there can be no real lack or scarcity.

The experience of the bulk of the people living now is that they are living a life seemingly defined by extreme need and scarcity. This means that the bulk of the population has bought into a lie.  The lie of a universe defined by lack.

Manifestation With Knowledge Of Abundance


If we wish to successfully manifest anything, it will require that we do so in harmony with all of the above.  Shift your thinking to a universe of abundance and it is just as obvious that a fundamental flaw exists if you think that for one to get, another must lose.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  If you recall that giving is the same as receiving, then there is never a lack created in any transaction.

Abundance is the key operating principle.  There is always enough.  Enough for all.

This is central to successful manifestation each and every time we undertake it. Successful manifestation occurs when we tap into that abundance by centering our thoughts on our connection to everyone and everything.  Allowing our thoughts to center on all having what they need and desire without creating a lack of any kind will bring about successful manifestation.

Manifestation Without Knowledge Of Abundance


Attempting to manifest your desires without these understandings will bring about more conflict, and therefore more illusion in your life.  This is unavoidable. Thoughts still bring about things in this scenario, just as we’ve all come to know from studying the Laws of Attraction.  What will these thoughts bring about?

They will bring about more illusions of lack and scarcity even as they seemingly bring about what was being manifested.

Manifesting financial success without knowledge of abundance will bring about:

  • Illness
  • Emotional distress
  • Family problems
  • Financial distress for others

In most cases, the manifestation will simply fail, as the negative impact will distract people from their efforts.  The above is what happens when people persevere in the face of adversity without accurate understanding of universal LOA principles.


Successful Manifestation Is Always Unselfish


Could the above scenarios be in any way considered successful? Not if they perpetuated an understanding that is based in conflict and therefore illusion.

Successful manifestation occurs when you tap into that abundance and allow it to flow to you and through you.  Then you are not creating lack anyplace else by your efforts.  Manifestation of this type raises all ships on a rising tide. It benefits those attempting it while benefiting the entire universe.

How could that be selfish?





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