What type of life each of us chooses to live is up to us.  There are an infinite number of choices we will make each and every day that will affect the quality and direction of our lives, and yet there is one that matters above all others.  Will you live your life based on Love, or based on Fear?

Most people consider that the opposite of Love is Hate and not Fear.  Love is what results from connection though.  It is what we feel, experience, resonate with and send out to the universe when we are connected to it.

What happens if we isolate ourselves from all else though?

One Important DecisionWhat could possibly result other than Fear?  Not having the ability to be encouraged by others, or lifted when we are down will cut us off from Love and leave Fear in it’s place.   Any time spent meditating on this principle will prove it’s truth.

Connection = Love

Isolation = Fear

Hate becomes the inevitable byproduct of Fear as each of us truly needs the connection to the rest of creation and specifically to all of humanity that provides Love:  Provides the positive energy that sustains us and tells us who and what we truly are.

We are beings made entirely of energy.  Energy of several types.  One type makes up our physical body, which is tied to the type that comprises our consciousness.

Just as the notes that make up music need to be harmonious to make it pleasant to hear the energy we align ourselves with must be harmonious with the nature of our existence.  If not, we suffer.

The only way to ensure that we align ourselves properly and supply the right sort of energy is through connection.  When we connect to all consciousness in the universe, we resonate and match vibration in a way that benefits us.

How else would you describe that than Love?

Every other decision we make then either prospers or diminishes based on this. This is the Law of Attraction at it’s most basic form.  We simply cannot attract what we wish in life without the connection to the creative energy of the universe.

Peace and Joy are the inevitable result when we ally ourselves properly.  Consider this thoroughly and we find that nothing that we wish is possible if we aren’t connected – if we choose Fear over Love.






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