Most of my writing centers on the more spiritual side of the path to enlightenment, but you really can’t ignore the importance of the physical side of that journey either.  It’s important to consider how we address our physical needs if we truly wish to progress spiritually.

It really is all about balance…

Rather than laying out a strict regimen of my own choosing, I’d prefer to share some thoughts so that each of you can apply certain principles that fit with your own path.  

Don’t worry if your own decisions don’t match mine, just think and meditate on these things and you will do fine.

To Vegan Or Not To Vegan: The Big Meat Question

It may surprise many of you that at this point I haven’t taken the step to go Vegan. There are plenty of reasons to go that route, but a few remain that leave me on the fence.

Eating animal protein is still the only natural way to get many complex B vitamins such as B12.  While you can use supplements to get yourself up to healthy levels, I’ve chosen to lower my meat intake, but not eliminate it entirely.

Remember, balance is my own personal mantra.  That and my tendency to accept and allow what is, lead me to still partake of animal proteins in the form of eating meat.  Might I change this later?  I might. 

Each of us will have to address this as it fits into our own personal belief structures.  This is no small decision, either way.  Please do not be judgemental of those making a different decision than you have, or do.  Everyone is in a different place in their journey so allow for differences in personal choices.

Fruit, Vegetables, Grains and Gluten: The Situation Today

This whole array of our food supply is in such a sorry state of affairs that it deserves not just it’s own article but a whole DVD series on what to look for and avoid.

The culprit in my own humble opinion is the practice of Genetically Modifying Organisms or creating GMO produce and grains.  

Please understand that GMOs are not simply hybrids of fruits, vegetables and grains but crops that have had their DNA modified by other means than simple cross pollination or grafting of branches.

Many of you have chosen to eliminate gluten entirely from your diet.  This is no small undertaking, as it has invaded the food supply to a greater extent than you could possibly know until attempting to get rid of gluten from your diet.

At issue is that fact that our wheat supply is now almost entirely made up of GMO strains which contain glutens with protein molecules that our bodies simply cannot metabolise.  Many have gluten sensitivities or out and out allergies.  Celiac disease is directly attributable to these issues and at near epidemic levels.

Learn to identify GMO crops across all of these food types.  Make your own decisions on them and then stick to them as closely as you can.  I’ve chosen to eliminate GMO foods from my diet as much as is possible.  It gets easier all the time as the market is demanding other options.

Coffee, Tea or Valium?

Caffeine and other energy modifiers have to be a part of this discussion.  Alcohol is another hot button for many.  Again, these are personal decisions that many things go into. Let’s start with caffeine.

Coffee is many people’s day starter.  I am one of them, but have almost entirely gone over to decaf.  It’s not that there is anything inherently wrong with the concept of caffeine, but it does change our perception of what is.

Longtime readers know of the predilection I have for the concept of Cheng Ren, or to “Accept and Allow”.  Caffeine is something that alters our energy levels, but not without a price.  If my energy levels are low, I would prefer to accept that and deal with with what is.

When you come down from a caffeine induced plateau, you bottom out to an extent and end up even lower than where you began.  For me, it’s better to deal with the initial lack.  Accept that I am tired and see if I can’t address that by allowing myself to find a solution to that issue.

Coffee isn’t the only source of caffeine we have access to these days, and the range of energy drinks and products is truly astounding.  Same issues at stake for me, so a no go.  

What about the other end of the spectrum?  Using sleep aids isn’t a great idea for more reasons that I can relate here.  In a pinch I’d say that Melatonin is your best bet as it is what your body produces to help you sleep.

Our electric and electronic age has left us without good levels so we sometimes need help.  Small doses are all that will work, so don’t just keep trying more to get results.

Alcohol is a very personal decision with more at stake than just our ability to relax.  Many have a genetic predisposition to alcohol abuse, and shouldn’t be encouraged to test that.  Balance is the key.  I do myself have a drink or two occasionally but know some that cannot.

Water Water Everywhere:  Don’t Just Drink Blindly

If you haven’t been following it in the news today, the addition of Fluoride in our water and as an ingredient in toothpaste is fast becoming a hot topic.

Not just carcinogenic, but very damaging to the Pineal Gland, so Fluoride is something that anyone with spiritual interests needs to address.

Reverse Osmosis can remove this from your home drinking water, but what about your bottled water brand?  Do your own research, but be certain to check your sources.  Many companies will publish studies from labs they own or control.

There are several brands of toothpaste offering Fluoride Free varieties, but most sell Fluoridated versions too.  This is true of Tom’s of Maine and Jason’s SeaFresh as well so be careful which you grab.  Melaleuca makes an excellent product and only sells Fluoride Free.

Fluoridated toothpaste is not on my shopping list.

Refined Sugar Is Not Your Friend

Refined sugar and flours are both a vehicle to diabetes and a host of other health problems.  They also alter your moods and cognitive abilities.  Sugar substitutes are even more dangerous.

When we say refined, we mean that they have had the bulk, fiber and complex carbohydrates removed or broken down into simple sugars.  These would normally slow your body’s ability to process them immediately.

WIthout their presence the sugars are dumped into your bloodstream very quickly causing many problems.  If you research nothing else from this article, take some time on this topic.  You have the most to lose if you don’t address the refined sugar problem in your diet.

High Fructose Corn Syrup is a double whammy.  It’s refined sugar, and almost always GMO.

Research: Food For Thought & Spirituality

There are more things to discuss and think about in our diets and how we take care of our physical bodies.  As you look into the areas listed here, you will come across more without a doubt.

Take the time to learn about and meditation on these issues.  They are closely related to your spiritual progress as well as your physical wellbeing.  The two are inextricably linked.





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