The term Personal Development covers a lot of ground. You could be addressing someone’s weight, their finances, their spirituality or any number of other disciplines and concerns and they could still be accurately be described as being in the realm of Personal Development.

Human life is so complex and filled with interrelationships and dependencies (both healthy and unhealthy) that you really can’t slice and dice it up as neatly as people would like to.  People reading the posts here would probably say that the writing was mostly on spiritual topics, and while that is accurate it is also misleading…

Our spirituality as human beings is so interrelated to the rest of our lives that it really shouldn’t be separated out.  It has cause and effect tendencies that can and do make big differences in our lives every day.  If we don’t approach our spirituality as an integral part of our personal development, we not only miss out on a lot of benefits, we also fail to grasp that our spirituality and our physicality are inextricably linked.

And while we seek to move ahead in this realm of Personal Development, it is easy to become complacent or stagnant, but there is a very real danger.  Woody Allen was talking about relationships, but it applies equally here when he said:  “Relationships are a lot like sharks.  Sharks have to stay moving continuously so that the water moves across their gills or else they will drown.  And what we have here is a dead shark.”

A funny scene, but an important principle to keep in mind in most of life.  We have to keep moving forward, or we will become dead sharks.

Many people don’t know how to progress, or what the proper mix of physical, mental and spiritual approaches to pursue.  This is less important than you would think, at least in the beginning.

The reason is that your results and the effects these pursuits have in your life will tell you what is needed if you listen.

If you go into any five diners and order a bowl of chili you frequently get five very different dishes.  The basic ingredients of meat, beans (or no beans), tomatoes, onions, peppers and spices will probably all be there.  There is a lot of leeway as to proportions withing the basic ingredients, and even more in the way of additional and secrets items added to the mix.  But it is all chili.

Each cook puts together a mix reflecting their own tastes and preferences.  Do the same with your own Personal Development pursuits.  As long as you keep your ears (literal and figurative) open you will know when you are on the right track.  As well as when you need a detour, or a side trip…







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