The Battle Facing Humanity TodayIf you read books, watch movies or television you know that many people believe that we are in the middle of a universal struggle between Good and Evil.

You see it in the news, in politics, in discussions about religion, in the wars being waged across the globe, and on the streets of our cities, in the business world…

Just about everywhere. It is so pervasive that it makes people more than a little obsessive about their belief systems. It causes people to get so entrenched in dogma and their own rigid and frequently narrow viewpoints, that the actuality of life in this universe gets missed in the hysteria.

Having said that, you may be surprised that I do believe that this struggle is being waged, and is at a crucial point as we speak…

The only way to understand the nature of this struggle however, is to understand what actually is Good and what actually is Evil. And the shocking thing is that to understand the nature of this struggle and really take part in the most important issue facing mankind today is to put most of your own personal belief structure aside!

The fact of the matter is that the real nature of this battle is tied directly to the greatest Good in the Universe: Awareness or Consciousness, Presence in the Moment, and Connection to the Universe and it’s Creator.

Which means that the greatest Evil is being Unaware or Unconscious, Living Oblivious to the Present, and being Isolated from the Universe.

As you can see, this means that most of what people are centered on, and spend their lives and energies fighting about and either for or against, is immaterial to the real battle being waged. And this is the misdirection that goes on each and every day, not only robbing people of the happiness they could be experiencing in their lives individually, but also halts the progress of humankind as they seek to progress as a race.

No, I am not oblivious to the issues facing the world, creation as a whole, and humankind today. These issues as all related to this far greater issue, and subservient to it…

The only hope we really have of overcoming war, hunger, poverty, disease and the host of other ills running rampant across the globe has no political, activist or military solution. So how can these be addressed? For that matter can they be addressed?

The only way they can or will be addressed is when the rising tide of Conscious, Aware and Connected individuals sweep away the inert masses of the inert population that have bought into the old and established ideas about what is necessarily Good or Evil by nature.

Let’s be clear! I am not advocating or predicting a military action or violence against those choosing not to align themselves with my own view of what constitutes Good and Evil. When I say that the inert masses will be swept away, what I mean is that their inertia, their lack of Awareness, Consciousness and Connection will be swept away and mankind will flourish as a result.

The battle will be won by Good without a doubt. It is only a matter of time. Why?

Because the most powerful force in the Universe can only be accessed through connection with the Universe and it’s Creator. Becoming Aware. Becoming Conscious. Becoming Connected with the very source of dynamic energy is the quickest avenue to a better life for each of us as individuals, and for humankind as a whole.

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