When you think about it as the Law of Attraction there are just too many thoughts that give the wrong idea about the universe and how it works. This is not to say that you don’t attract from the universe what it is that you send out, or that you can not manifest what you want in life. It is to say that this is far to limited a view of an immensely important aspect of a major part of how the universe works…

The entire universe, all of creation, the cosmos…

Whatever you want to call it, it’s all made of the same thing:


You and I and your dog and your car are all composed of energy in various forms. In spite of what you are hearing on the TV machine energy is everywhere around you in every direction and much farther than the eye can see. Another way to say it is that energy is the most abundant commodity there is.

So let’s call this all important principle the Law of Abundance.

It’s a constant reminder that the stuff of the universe is all around us, if we just tap into it!

Explore this with me a little further…

Your kitchen table, like everything else is made up of energy.  Tiny particles of energy separated by space that are traveling so quickly and vibrating at such a rate that when you knock on it, the surface seems extremely hard and still.  When you put your dinner plate down on it your pork chop and veg doesn’t end up on the floor precisely because of the speed and vibration of the energy making up that table.

So how do we tap into all of that abundant energy?

Glad you asked!

Try this experiment with any string instrument you have access to.  Myself, I have a guitar and a mandolin to choose from.  Gonna go with the guitar since it’s here in the room…

You may not be aware of it, but the strings on my guitar (and every other guitar) are emitting  their notes continuously as the air currents in the room pass over them.  They are just playing their notes at such a low level that the human ear cannot detect it.

But what happens when that vibration is increased?

If I pick up that guitar and pluck the first string (it’s an E) to get the right pitch, I can then sing that note back to the still guitar and when I stop singing the guitar will audibly emit that note back to me.  This happens because I am emitting vibrations at the same wavelength the guitar string is already vibrating at.

What happens though when I sing the note just one tone higher than the E that the string is tuned to?  Practically nothing.  And what little does happen is not harmonious in the least!  And this is exactly how the universe works:

If you vibrate with the same kind of energy as the universe you make yourself a part of that abundant energy!

And just like with the guitar, the volume will increase the more you add to it’s harmonious vibration.Notice from our experiment with the guitar that harmonious vibration has an exponentially larger result than dissonant vibration.   But if this is how the universe really works, why is it that we see such a huge result from dissonant vibration?

Because their is such an overwhelming majority of people out of harmony with the universe!

This also means that each of us that vibrates on the same wavelength with the universe’s abundant energy will have dynamically abundant energy returning and cutting right through the prevalent lack that most people are experiencing.

In essence what we are doing is making ourselves into exactly what we were always supposed to be.  A dynamic and integrally involved part of a universe overflowing with abundant energy.  So instead of trying to get something out of (or Attracting something from) the universe, we are becoming part of it.

Understanding this and acting in accord with it is subtly different than the Law of Attraction as many try to practice it.  Instead of trying to treat the universe as some kind of cosmic ATM, we become centers of resonating positive energy radiating abundant, positive, joyous and joyful energy and find ourselves awash in ever increasing waves of like abundant energy.  And thus:

The Law of Abundance!

Does this all rule out the concept of Manifesting?  Nope, but that is a discussion for another day…

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