Talk about karma usually centers around ideas about people getting what they deserve.  Some will say that karma will “get” someone, but these aren’t really an accurate picture as to what true nature of karma is.


Karma is not about punishment, justice, or comeuppance.  As opposed to handing out punishment, it has  a far more beneficial job.


Karma gives us the lessons we need to learn, repeatedly if necessary.  These karmic lessons are about our development, or evolution as individuals but also as a unified whole encompassing all of humanity.


While we can easily recognize when others are getting a taste of this, and perhaps even ourselves, we should also take note of the larger shared karmic lessons as they appear.


Not surprisingly with the events of the year so far, we are getting what seems like a huge dose of these right now.



Identifying Karmic Cycles


Karma definitely works in cycles which again are easily identified on an individual basis.  People can glide along building up to karma’s intervention for long periods of time.  We each frequently have several operating at any one time.

These minor cycles operate seemingly independent of one another.  Sometimes they sync up though and hit us with several lessons at once.  This happens when the karmic lessons overlap and align with one another bringing us a larger lesson that cuts across several areas of our existence.

Shared karmic lessons do this as well.  The groups that share cycles can be small, large, or universal,  When we have universally shared cycles that are also overlapping and aligning with pervasive issues we can expect the upheavals to the lives of all humanity to be extensive and extremely disruptive.

Any of this ringing any bells yet?


Converging Cycles of Shared Karmic Lessons


The events of this year have made most people stand up and take notice. Are they noticing these cycles for what they are though?  This convergence of karmic cycles, and therefore karmic lessons is undeniable at this point.

We are seeing the karmic cycles of how we deal with pandemic level physical disease intersect with those of racial issues in our infrastructure, and both colliding with economic issues with more cultural overtones than are usually thought to even exist. Top all of these off with the cycles dealing with the nature of our governments and we have quite a zesty stew of karma on our plate.

As complex as that all sounds, it is a vast simplification with many more karmic cycles operating in the eddies of the currents of humanity.  Yet, the issues involved in each are far more connected than shows on the surface.  As the cycles converge, they do so with purpose.  The cycles converge because the karmic lessons are converging too.  This means they clash, sometimes with both literal, and figurative violence.


The Clash of Titanic Karmic Cycles


Converging CyclesNot one of the lessons karma is bringing us is new.  Even recent decades have brought us repeated opportunities to learn the lessons each of these major cycles delivers.

In the realm of disease we have had AIDS, SARS. H1N1, etc… all teaching us their lessons about the interconnected nature of our physical well being.

Racial divisiveness seems a constant aspect around the globe.  This is highlighted with events that shake us to our cores, simultaneously making us all respond at once, but even when empathetic realization that the divide creates a chasm experientially that also seems to defy bridging.

Global economic crises are as common as summer storms.  From EU austerity to Brexit, and from the mortgage crisis to our current national and global recession (or worse) we don’t have to look back far to see that there are basic questions about finance and commerce that remain unanswered.

Not one of these is separable from the issues about the nature and role of secular government in their resolution and in directing our lives as individuals.

The inequalities seen socio-economically and racially in our society are mirrored in healthcare issues and representation in government.  The ways that just these four major karmic cycles interact with one another are myriad, complex, and nearly infinite.

The dynamic ebb and flow of these has built over time as they each undergo their repeated cycles culminating here in the year we call 2020 where their unavoidable eventual synchronicity has brought us to a point of critical mass.  Each arena is in extreme presentation, without peer in recent memory, and never all at once like this.

Just expressing all of this in a comprehensive manner would take a flow chart that would cover several city blocks.  Analysis would be even more voluminous.

Unless we approach the whole, as what it is.  One large karmic lesson disguised as multiple cycles coincidentally converging at once.


Converging Karmic Cycles and Occam’s Razor


Occam’s Razor postulates that the simplest explanation is generally speaking the correct one.  This has proven true over time more often than can be counted.

We have just covered a world situation that defies explanation of how complex the variables are, and how dynamically they interact, and conflict.  Regular readers of this blog know my feelings about conflict though.  It is illusion.

When seeking resolution, particularly of the most complex problems, look closely at seeming conflict with an eye for spotting its illusion.  You will find it simplifies matters.

The fact that each of these cycles has converged at this point in time must be for a reason.  The reason is common cause.  They crash into each other so violently because they have common natures.  If that were not the case, they would not have all rolled in with the same tide.

This is the simplest explanation, and therefore likely the correct one.

The trick is to find the common cause by identifying the illusion inherent in these recurring conflicts.  Then resolution becomes possible.


The Conflict/Illusion in Each

Major Karmic Cycle


Conflict and IllusionComing to the conclusions that are about to be outlined took some meditation.  Most pieces of real understanding do.

To paraphrase from some movie dialogue, the issue in each of these arenas comes down to “The needs of the many vs the needs of the few (or the one)”

Take some time with this and you will find that this thread is central to the upheaval we are plagued with.

Do we prevent pandemic disease for humanity by restricting the activities of individuals?  Do we protect individual minorities at the (perceived) expense of protecting the larger population against crime?  This can apply to racial groups as well as social minority groups such as gun owners, or religious groups.

The conflict fueling each of these karmic cycles is the same.  It is best described by a zen proverb: “Unity without Differentiation is bad Unity.  Differentiation without Unity is bad Differentiation.”

Our nature is dual in that we are each individuals, but we are also a part of a greater unified whole.  We ignore either at our peril.  This is a tough balancing act, which describes exactly how we must navigate these issues.  With balance.

So do we protect individual rights and prerogatives?  We do, but not at the expense of the unified greater we.

Do we protect the whole of humanity as we address societal issues?  We do, but not without addressing the needs of individuals.


The answer is that we have to reconcile all matters by addressing our entire nature as humans, with I and we as equal parts of that nature.

Therefore the illusion is also evident.  Since we comprise an I and a we simultaneously, the question is really moot.  What is done to I is done to we as well.  Balancing aspects of each issue benefits and costs each of use equally.

Giving and getting are synonymous.


The Illustration of Public Mask Wearing


It is really quite surprising that so many people have taken exception to wearing a surgical mask to prevent the spread of covid-19. 

Wearing these masks does not have the effect of preventing infection by the virus.  It does prevent the wearer from transmitting the disease to others should the wearer be infected.  This set of facts is misunderstood by many, who then object to wearing the mask citing the partial info that wearing the mask doesn’t prevent infection.

Facts about people contracting this virus despite wearing masks also abound.    Few that are informed deny that wearing an appropriate and quite inexpensive mask prevents transmission of the covid-19 virus.

Armed with this information, as well as an understanding of our own true nature makes the choice a simple one.  Wearing the mask as an individual that is also a part of a greater unified humanity means that I am not risking infecting someone else, that I am also a part of.  So it in fact does protect the wearer from infecting someone they are inextricably connected with.

This illustration carries through to each and every karmic lesson involved in these shared converging karmic cycles.  Where ever we each stand on each of these, we benefit when we balance out the issue between our individual, and our unified human natures.

These are not conflicting, they are complimentary, and when forgotten we perpetuate these cycles, and the resulting upheavals.

The truth is quite simple.  We can not give without getting, nor get without giving.  We can not oppress without being oppressed, and we can not discriminate without suffering discrimination.  Protecting individuals, and members of small groups that we are not currently a part of, we are nonetheless protecting ourselves as a part of that greater whole.

Critics will call this hippy dippy rainbow talk of little significance, but it is actual as fundamental and as unavoidable of a natural law as gravity.

We ignore our true nature at the peril of repeating all of this.  Can you imagine what another convergence of this sort would be like on a larger scale?


Returning To Normal?

Or a New Normal


Both of these are longed for by many in roughly equal numbers.

Those that call out for a return to a familiar version of our normal lives are really not wishing for a continuation of the covid-19 virus pandemic, unequal access to healthcare, police brutality to minority racial groups or any of the other “normal” issues we face daily as a human family.

Those calling for a new normal are also not asking for all of society to be torn down, permanent quarantine in place with most restaurants and small businesses gone, police departments disbanded, hospitals and nursing homes closed to all visitors, and the end of our lives of relative greater freedom.

Across the human family are a wide range of balances and imbalances as to what is needed.  We must as a human family learn to balance the needs of the many with the needs of the few, or even the one.  Why?  Because that is who we are.

Humanity is simultaneously Me and We at once.

Rephrasing the proverb above: “Me without We is bad Me. We without Me is bad We.”

This is a lesson we can’t afford to miss this time.








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