If you have been exposed at all consistently to spiritual writings recently, you have read about The Shift as an impending occurrence.  Recent events would seem to belie the reality of this as an imminent event.


This begs two questions:

  • What is The Shift?

  • Has it arrived?


What is The Shift?


Any definition is going to be subjective, and informed by the belief structure of the one providing that definition.  That being said, what follows will be broad, but still you may find your own to be slightly different. 

The Shift is a universal sea change in humanity caused by a rising tide of enlightenment.  Said sea change will bring about huge changes in all areas of humanity, society,  and culture, as well as political, and religious norms and institutions. 

Note that this sea change is universal, and not just limited to those embracing this rising tide of enlightenment.  Spoiler Alert:  those not embracing The Shift will react the strongest of all to these changes.


Has The Shift Arrived?


As you may have guessed, from the Spoiler Alert, yes a rising tide of enlightenment has in fact arrived. 

We know this for a number of reasons, and many of them not seemingly positive ones.  As positive as it all will turn out to be, not all are in favor of these changes. 

This is because enlightenment is all about connection, and shared responsibility for humanity as a whole.  There are also those that mistake that shared connection as completely eliminating the need for individuality.  Both extremes are out of balance. 

There is an old Buddhist proverb that highlights the correct viewpoint: 

Differentiation without Unity is bad Differentiation.  Unity without Differentiation is bad Unity. 

Which I paraphrase as: 

Me without We is bad Me.  We without Me is bad We. 

Balance must be applied on both sides for the maximum benefit to be gained to this rising tide because even not addressing the self described ego that we each wrestle with is not true enlightenment.  How could that be? 

Ignoring our sense of self is ignoring reality, and enlightenment has never been about ignoring reality. 

The upheaval we see all around us now is just as much a harbinger of the arrival of The Shift as the evidence we see of increased enlightenment. 

Those that cling to either extreme will act out in increasingly violent demonstrations of just how much they reject the new reality. 

Both extremes will see themselves as being in the right:  Both those without Unity or We, and those without Differentiation or Me. 

Both extremes will see the upheaval as a sign of one group or the other as the source.  Both are partially incorrect. 

Balance is what The Shift is all about.


A Further Definition of The Shift


It is a misunderstanding to think of The Shift as an event. 

The actuality is that this rising tide is much more of a process which will take us to a new stage in human spiritual evolution, as well as perhaps physical evolution. 

This process cannot make the needed changes in human culture and society instantly without leaving a significant portion of humanity behind, and again that would not be balanced. 

Part of the beauty, and perfection in The Shift is that it will encompass more and more of humanity as this process progresses.

Keep in mind that the fewer that remain as outliers in this change, the more radical, and sometimes violent their response will be. 

A true understanding of just exactly what this whole thing is includes an understanding that the upheaval we see all round us is expected, and at some levels even welcomed.  Otherwise, we would be abandoning a significant portion of our brothers and sisters.  Not good We or Me at all…


Does This Make The Shift Good, or Bad?


Many teachings today admonish us to stop making judgements, and the arena of The Shift is one that highlights the importance of calling nothing Good or Bad. 

Instead, think of this as necessary.  All involved (indeed all of humanity is involved) play vital roles in this sea change we find ourselves in. 

As more and more bring themselves into balance, this acts as an anchor tying them to the end result of this process. 

As those outliers become smaller in number, their actions will be increasingly radical and violent, driving increasing numbers into that anchor group until stability is reached. 


Yes, The Shift is in fact a rising tide of enlightenment, and it is in fact upon us.  It benefits all for us to respond to its accompanying upheaval with balance, and compassion for all. 

This keeps us balanced and integral to that anchor group, as well as draws others to it. 

The Shift many not be what we each expected, but it is here, necessary, and progressing.






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