It’s no secret that meditation is a huge source of relief for stress sufferers.  

A lot of people struggle with meditation, and mostly with the same challenge.  They simply cannot turn off their constant stream of thoughts long enough to experience the benefits that meditation brings to so many.  

Fortunately there is a simple solution that works for all…

The beauty of this method is that it eliminates all the things that tend to frustrate beginners to meditation practice.  No complex postures to master, no intricate breathing exercises and no esoteric verbage to master about Chakras or Samadhi.  

Add in a success rate in the high 90 percentile and I do believe we have a winner!  So let’s get started…


The Basics – Getting Started


  • Posture – The method we are going to be using allows you to sit or lie down in any position you find comfortable.  As long as it is in a room, or area free of distractions, it really doesn’t matter what position you prefer.  Keep your hands open and the soles of your bare feet from contact with the floor.
  • Breathing – This is the simplest breathing pattern you will find in meditation practice.  Simply breathe deeply in through your nose, and out through your mouth.
  • Many Are Challenged By MeditationRoutine – Simply close your eyes and begin breathing as described above.  On your exhalation, hold the thought of your stress and negative thoughts exiting through the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet.

This is really all there is to it…

You can maintain the practice as long as you care to.  It will bring greater relief if you only do this as long as it is comfortable to do so.  If you still find it difficult to keep your thoughts from running amok, just stop and come back later.

It is vital that you don’t try to bring about strong focus or concentration through greater effort.  The only way this can or will work is if you interact with these basics and the practice itself very lightly and in a relaxed manner.

Allow your consciousness to rest on your hands and your feet simultaneously but not really thinking about the process.  Just allow it to happen.  Relief will come naturally and nearly effortlessly.

For greater relief, simply breathe more deeply, and at a slow pace…

That’s really it.  As you can see, there isn’t a lot to learn and you can get relief from your very first attempt.  Waste no time trying to figure out why or how this works.  Just accept that it does and enjoy life with less stress and greater enjoyment.





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