The Sedona Method is a clearing exercise, much like Ho’oponopono for getting rid of conflict.  

With the Sedona Method, it is a lot less tied to individuals and the concept of forgiveness.  Fortunately, it is just as simple to implement.


I tend to use this method when the feeling the problem centers around is less defined. A more general feeling or emotion that is causing discomfort is a good candidate for this technique.

Just as there are 4 simple steps in Ho’oponopono, the Sedona Method is a series of 3 simple questions to ask yourself.

When you find yourself with a feeling you wish to have go away, you start by allowing the thoughts or emotions to center as a feeling in the region of your heart.  Allow this to happen naturally and lightly, never forcing it. Now ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Could I stop feeling this way? – The answer will always be yes, as you’ve not felt this way in the past.
  2. Would I choose to stop feeling this way? – Since you’ve chosen to begin this process, likely this will always be a yes as well.
  3. When would I like to stop feeling this way? – The natural answer is, of course now.  So simply allow the feeling, the thoughts and the emotions to fall away.

If the offending thoughts and feelings recur, simply repeat the process. My exposure to The Sedona Method happened earlier than learning about Ho’oponopono.  It was very effective for everyday stresses and seeming conflicts that interrupt us all each and every day.

Particularly so when the issue doesn’t center around a specific person but is more situational. This can also be used as a meditation, and can enhance your life’s peaceful qualities and bring more serenity to your daily life and routines.

Many feel this isn’t necessary if you are using Ho’oponopono, but I find it a useful adjunct for the times when less intense methods seem appropriate.  It’s really a personal decision when to use one or the other.  Experience will tell you more than anything else.

Previous articles have included thoughts such as these.  We are each on a personal journey, and nobody else should try to dictate what methods, studies or exercises are right for you. Tune into my periodic webinars for more information on these and other spiritual subjects.  Get notifications by subscribing below.





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