The longer I live, the more often the answer to the questions I ask is “Balance”!  

Of course, this answer leaves us with even more questions to seek that balance.  What should we assign value, and therefore priority to so that we actually achieve that balance?

The way that each of us does this will depend on where we are in our spiritual journey as well as in our daily life with our family and friends.  The shift in priorities that comes with children and constantly changes as they grow and evolve demonstrates this almost daily.

And while this can and does center a lot of our attention and efforts on the physical aspects of our lives, it can and should also make our spiritual appetite grow.  Keep in mind that the two are not mutually exclusive.  Our dual natures are not as separate as is generally acknowledged.

Having thought about life and it’s many facets in terms of microcosms and macrocosms for years, there are nearly always undeniable parallels that connect whatever is going on across all of this life for me.

Recently my thoughts about what I value and give priority to centers around what is unifying versus what is divisive.  Seeking to align with unifying forces, harmonious and connection oriented forces and expressions in all their forms is central to my study and journey.  And this carries through all of my endeavors:  Micro and Macro.

This seems to me to be in harmony with a course of study and journey toward forgiveness, reconciliation and connection.

The common thought about the world today is that it lacks any kind of harmonious or unifying forces.  Not true!

What is true is that if you give value and priority to the divisive elements in the world today by giving them your attention and belief, then that is what your life will be about as well.

Give value and therefore priority to connection, to harmony and to conciliatory energies and that is what your life and experience will center around.

This cannot help but carry over into whatever aspects of your life you allow it to.  

And make no mistake it is all about allowing.

Here in the United States as with many countries, it is an election year.  If you listen to pretty much anybody talk about politics, you will be bombarded with messages that are conflict oriented and therefore divisive at their very core.  I have no doubt that there are sincere parties advocating each and every candidate that genuinely want to improve people’s lives, but they simply cannot do so via conflict based systems.

Remember when you hear such messages that all conflict is illusion and therefore cannot be the solution to anything.  

When you hear rhetoric about the national or world situation and are warned that one side or another is the only one that can bring about the change necessary to save the day, keep this in mind:  More change is brought about by a rising tide of enlightenment which raises all boats than could ever be brought about by a temporary shift in administration at any level.

Knowing this, why would we want to assign value and priority to a conflict based system or effort which values not unity and harmony, but divisiveness and discord?

Our thoughts are what will determine what is manifested in our lives, so ask what you wish to manifest and you will hopefully come to the same conclusion that I have.  Value and priorities promoting peace, serenity, harmony and connection are the only road to balance.  So what else would we want to strive for?





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