When you hear people talk about pursuing a course of spiritual enlightment or study, it is common to think of this strictly in terms of ones beliefs and intangibles to do with the ethereal and non-physical world.

Most think of human spirituality in terms separate from the physical world, and particularly from their physical lives.  This is really way too limiting in terms of the progress one can make when distinguishing the two.

What separates human spirituality from human physicality?

The answer is:  Much less than you would think!

If human spirituality is the way we think about and experience the nature of our existence and place in the universe, then doesn’t human physicality have a place in that?  The nature of our existence includes these physical bodies we walk around in. 

Scientists claim that these bodies are the very real essence of our existence and therefore house whatever our soul or consciousness is composed of.  And others that are more involved in spiritual pursuits believe that our physical bodies are merely manifestations of the soul or consciousness.

Either way, the two are linked inextricably.

The two books I have published on Amazon’s Kindle network are both examples of this.  Each addresses a physical ailment common to many people: Headaches and Asthma.  And while they are each very physical in nature, the answers to addressing them most effectively have huge spiritual aspects.

This also means that to get the most out of spiritual pursuits it is vital not to ignore our physical essence.  The real nature of that side of our existence and of our spiritual side as well will be revealed to us in varied and interesting ways as we go.  In my experience we needn’t try to nail it down into an easily worded and codified answer.  Let it be what it is without over-analyzing and you will be far happier with your results.

The answer to the question of what separates the two is pretty simple really:  Nothing of any real importance.

Pursue enlightenment and fulfillment and all aspects of your existence will benefit…





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