Every election cycle we hear the rhetoric ramp up and are inundated with messages about the country and world being in the balance depending on the outcome of these campaigns.  There is little doubt that the world appears on the brink of very desperate situations in a multitude of areas, but the fact remains that Political Activism can’t change the world.

There is no doubt that there are a lot of very sincere people with the best of motivations on each and every issue.  And yet, there are an equal number of very sincere people that also have good motives that oppose them!

When you actually take the time to listen to each side express what their concerns are, each side of each issue have valid concerns.  On the other hand, if you ask each of them to explain the other side’s concerns you would never even recognize them as the same people you had just spoken to.

This is why conflict based systems of problem resolution are doomed from the start.  Because all conflict is illusion!

Regular readers here will recognize this idea as one frequently explored.

Even when a political conflict finally does get voted up or down, it isn’t really over.  The “losing” side of the argument simply works toward undoing the results.  Instead of simply working to accommodate what each side would need to address their concerns, the process makes it necessary to have a loser to consolidate power and influence.  Therefore, the goal of each side is to maintain conflict.

And since keeping the world locked in conflict (which it already is) meets the goals of the political entities, then Political Activism can’t change the world because it doesn’t have any real desire to.  Let’s take it to the next level of understanding though.

Since the conflicts the world is involved in are nothing but illusions, the political system is actually working to keep us embroiled in illusions!

This does not mean, however that there is no hope for real change and progress in the world.  It just means that it won’t come by this vehicle.

The way that it will come, is the only way that it can.  When enough people set aside the illusions and truly connect with one another and with the dynamic nature of the Universe, the Unified Field, God or whatever you wish to call it then that change will come for the world.

The rising tide of enlightenment and understanding will sweep away existing systems and institutions that have become obsolete.

The best part of this is that by individually leaving the world of false conflict behind, we start to feel the benefits of that change immediately.  No need to wait for the world to catch up at all.

Real change…    Real hope…   Real contentment…

Right here in the present moment.  In the now…





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